Puppy Training

Image of a puppy

All puppies must be socialized but this usually is delayed until the vaccinations come into effect and before they can meet other puppies. I offer pre-puppy vaccinations courses so their training starts from the day they are picked up. So let me visit you and show you how to arrange their training days, what to expect, what can go wrong and how to stop certain behaviours before they begin.

Dog Training

Image of a person walking a dog

Training is very simple but problems occur when the instructions are not clear and the dog just simply does not understand what he is supposed to do. Some tips: Operant conditioning with reinforcements are the key to success. All vocal commands should be adopted with clear physical signals. All dogs should be given a release word after training I am great advocate of Clicker Training and can teach you how to use this method, REPETITION, CONSISTENCY and REWARDS are vital.

Dog Behaviour

Image of angry dog

Is your dog fearful or anxious? Does he/she show aggression to people or dogs, suffer from separation anxiety, seek attention by barking and jumping up, has no recall or pulls on the lead?

There is ALWAYS a reason for these behaviours so please contact me so we can discuss your problems. Because your dog will react differently in unfamiliar surroundings I offer 1 to 1 sessions in your home that is followed up with a report.