Charlie Clive, after many years of studying, began his professional career 4 years ago and holds the Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management (A. Dip, C.B.M.), is a qualified instructor with the Academy of Dog Training and Behavior and is a full member of the International Society of Animal Professionals.

Charlie’s training methods involves rewarding the good behaviour and not rewarding the bad behavior. Unfortunately some ‘trainers’ still advocate the old fashioned method of dominating the dog by using physical punishment like electric collars and choke chains…enough said!

It must be remembered that the vast majority of problems exhibited by a dog are natural but this creates a problem when they take place at the wrong time or in the wrong place.



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Puppy Training

All puppies must be socialized but this usually is delayed until the vaccinations come into effect and before they can meet other puppies. I offer pre-puppy vaccinations courses so their training starts from the day they are picked up. So let me visit you and show you how to arrange their training days, what to expect, what can go wrong and how to stop certain behaviors before they begin.


Dog Training

Training is very simple but problems occur when the instructions are not clear and the dog just simply does not understand what he is supposed to do. Some tips:
Operant conditioning with reinforcements are the key to success
All vocal commands should be adopted with clear physical signals..
All dogs should be given a release word after training
I am great advocate of Clicker Training and can teach you how to use this method

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Dog Behaviour

Is your dog fearful or anxious? Does he/she show aggression to people or dogs, suffer from separation anxiety, seek attention by barking and jumping up, has no recall or pulls on the lead?

There is ALWAYS a reason for these behaviours so please contact me so we can discuss your problems. Because your dog will react differently in unfamiliar surroundings I offer 1 to 1 sessions in your home that are followed up with a report. .

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Board & Train

I offer a board and train program. Your dog would be very well looked after, receive one to one training and become friends with Fred and Henry.

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Anna , North Yorkshire

Charlie helped me train my sprocker puppy. He was really knowledgeable and has a calm, kind and patient way with dogs.

Barbra, Harrogate

I really rate Charlie and cannot recommend him highly enough. He has made such a difference to my dog who used to bark at certain dogs in quite an hysterical way. I can now take him walking without being nervous when we see other dogs - who he now plays with. It is only occasionally that he barks at them and always when he is on a lead.

C.H. York

My Maltese, Maya, was very anxious ant not house-trained. After three sessions with Charlie he helped me put her back on track. She now toilets outside and her anxiety has greatly reduced. Thanks so much. Chris

F.H. BoroughBridge

We were very pleased with the help we received from Charlie over recent weeks. Very easy to get on with and had positive results within a few weeks. Does not pressurise you into having more sessions than you need. He was very easy to arrange meetings with, a pleasant experience.

CS,North Yorkshire

Charlie was great from the moment he arrived. Our puppy was calm and relaxed and training was fun and she learnt quickly

He listened to our concerns and provided the advice and tools to address them. We didn’t expect such immediate results and after only three sessions our puppy learnt so much and we felt more confident about continuing the training ourselves (the puppy and ourselves!!). Thank you Charlie

K.L. From Kirkbymoorside

​“We have a gorgeous black Labrador bitch who is almost two. She knows all the basics of training but we needed some guidance with issues of pulling on the lead and jumping up.

We have had one to one sessions with Charlie and also been to his socialisation classes and we have seen a marked improvement. Charlie examines reasons for behaviour and advises gentle but firm methods to rectify problems which do really work. Mixing with other dogs has also helped her confidence. Thank you Charlie

RP,North Yorkshire

Charlie has helped us so much with our young Cockapoo, Barnaby. His bespoke 1 to 1 sessions & dog classes have changed Barnaby for the better & he has educated us so much, making us better owners & Barnaby a better trained dog.